Haley | Holly Ridge Manor Maternity Session | Virginia Beach Photographer

I have been eyeing the Holly Ridge Manor in Virginia Beach for awhile because it is so beautiful and I am so glad to have finally shot there! The weeping willows, horses, and the GORGEOUS white manor make this location a dream!! I shot this session just this past SUNDAY and I couldn't wait to edit this stunning session so I sat down for about an hour and edited away until my vision went blurry- I think this is my fastest turn around time ever!! After Sunday, I am officially in LOVE with maternity sessions. Haley was radiating with beauty- do all pregnant woman have amazing skin?! Both of Arlen's grandma's joined us and they were a riot- I was cracking up the entire time! Haley's due date is November 1st so baby Arlen is set to arrive anytime now!! I can't wait to meet that sweet boy who is already loved by so many! :)