USS Truman Homecoming | Virginia Beach Photographer

Kaleigh contacted me a few months back and asked me if I would photograph her husband's USS Truman Homecoming -- heck yeah!! This was my first Homecoming and it was one of the best experiences! Little Landon was only 13 DAYS old when Dave deployed so it was very emotional when he saw Kaleigh and Landon after 8 long months! 

While we waited for Dave to get off the ship, it was HOT!! I mean the hottest day in Virginia Beach I have ever experienced. We went back to the car to sit in the AC because we all thought we were going to pass out -- poor Landon could not take the heat! Landon flirted with me the whole time and I wanted to bring that sweet boy home with me <3 Kaleigh was the sweetest and best mom for taking care of Landon all by herself when Dave was deployed -- she is a super hero!!

I have so much respect for military spouses and families -- when there loved one is away, they hold the fort down completely!! I LOVED photographing this Homecoming -- thank you Kaleigh and Dave for having me!! Enjoy xoxo